Timeless Elegance, Italian Midcentury Treasures

Armando Catellani, a seasoned antique enthusiast, has dedicated more than two decades to uncovering valuable treasures spanning from Art D├ęco to Mid-Century Modern antiques. Fueled by an insatiable curiosity and an unwavering appreciation for beauty, he has continually sought out exceptional pieces.

As a highly skilled restorer and art connoisseur, Catellani presents a diverse range of meticulously restored items that exude remarkable quality. Each piece has been personally refurbished by him, ensuring its pristine condition and readiness for immediate use.

The inception of the “Vintarred” project can be traced back to a previous endeavor known as “Dall’Impero Al Deco.” However, there exists a notable distinction between the past and the present. No longer confined to the realm of a second-hand or vintage furniture trader, this new concept is driven by an unparalleled passion for uniqueness. Its ultimate objective is to unearth hidden treasures within the realm of Italian design, meticulously restoring them to their original splendor and preserving their innate beauty.