Italian Mid-Century Modern Sideboard Cabinet Bar by Paolo Buffa, 1950


Wonderful sideboard bar cabinet designed by Paolo Buffa in the 1950s. This piece of furniture demonstrates exquisite attention to detail, such as its magnificent carved frame, its refined pyramid-shaped supports, its refined maple threading on the entire front and its particular brass drawer handles. In addition, the doors are framed with precious etchings by Domenico Amici “Vedute Romane” (a well-known Roman draftsman and engraver of the 19th century). Elegant interiors in maple with crystal shelves. The three upper doors are equipped with an internal light that comes on when opened. In addition, the central unit also acts as a mobile bar with interiors completely covered in blue glass. This cabinet is undoubtedly one of the most excellent examples of Paolo Buffa’s works inspired by Neoclassicism. This piece is in very good original condition. Letteratura-eredi di Angelo Marelli, Paolo Buffa designer, Cantù, 1993, pag. 12. Roberto Rizzi, Michele Marelli, Massimo Novati, i mobili di Paolo Buffa, centro legno arredo Cantù, pag. 48-49.

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Dimensions177 × 46 × 150 cm

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