Italian Mid-Century Suspended Wall Unit Boockase in Walnut and Gilded Metal 1960


An eye-catching mid-century Italian wall unit or bookcase made from gilded metal and walnut shelves that can be adapted to any setting due to its lightness and refinement. The bookcase is composed of N.5 track supports, N.16 shelves brackets, N.4 shelves length 60 cm,n.4 walnut shelves length 110 cm. Its originality lies in its ability to be assembled according to your needs (both in terms of length and shelving arrangement), even if you want you can get two divided wall units, a module with two supports and another with three supports. During the restoration, it was decided to remove the old screw holes on the shelves in order to have more options for composing the bookcase. Very well-kept conditions, completely restored, ready to use, very easy to assemble. It’s a splendid example of 1960 Italian design.

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Dimensions32 × 200 × 260 cm

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