Italian Midcentury Lanter Pendant Lamp, Adolf Loos Style, 1950s


The stylish Italian “lantern” pendant lamp from the 1950s has a single E27 light, ground glass, and a polished brass frame finished with transparent varnish. This elegant piece of lighting is professionally made, with great attention devoted to the ground glass and brass components. It produces a distinctive and delicate lighting effect that gives a special touch to any room.
The lantern-like shape of this pendant lamp is reminiscent of ancient street lanterns. The ground glass and brass components, which work together to provide a one-of-a-kind lighting effect, show attention to detail.
Thanks to its compact size, this chandelier is perfect for illuminating any room, from the bedroom to the bathroom or kitchen. Its condition is excellent, thanks to a professional restoration that removed any signs of wear and verified the electrical system, making it ready for use.

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Dimensions30 × 25 × 75 cm

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