Italian Midcentury Murano Glass Chandelier, Venini “Tronchi” by Toni Zuccheri


Toni Zuccheri’s design for Venini’s chandelier in the late 1960s is truly remarkable. The combination of Murano glass, brass, and chromed steel creates a stunning visual effect that captures the eye. The Murano glass, which was crafted using an original technique known as “corteccia,” is an essential component of the Venini “Tronchi” chandelier series. This technique involves creating a textured surface on the glass, which adds depth and character to the chandelier’s appearance.

The chandelier has been expertly restored, and it is in very good condition.
The restoration process has ensured that the chandelier’s beauty and functionality have been preserved, and it is now ready to be used. The electrical system has been carefully examined to ensure that it is safe and reliable, giving you peace of mind when using this stunning piece of design.

Overall, Toni Zuccheri’s chandelier for Venini is a true work of art that combines beauty and functionality in a way that few other designs can match. Whether you are looking for a statement piece for your home or a unique addition to your collection, this chandelier is sure to impress.

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Dimensions25 × 25 × 94 cm

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