Italian Midcentury Sideboard Bar by Vittorio Dassi, 1950s


The Italian credenza or sideboard bar by Vittorio Dassi is a refined piece of furniture, featuring a glass top and maple interiors. The front is made up of eight drawers and two doors, and it has been crafted with great attention to execution quality. The protruding lines of the drawers and doors, together with the two “grissinato” patterned strips on the front, give it an elegant and sophisticated look. The bar compartment, beautifully finished with mirrors that light up when the doors are opened, is a valuable detail. The elegant protruding sides that wraparound the central body complete the overall appearance of the credenza.

The conditions of the credenza or sideboard are very good, thanks to a recent restoration. In general, it is a piece of great value, both from an aesthetic and functional point of view, that would be able to enrich any environment in which it is placed.

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Dimensions195 × 47 × 98 cm

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