Italian Midcentury Sideboard by Consorzio Esposizione Mobili di Cantù, 1960s


This magnificent Italian credenza from the 1960s is a stunning example of the exceptional craftsmanship produced by the Consorzio Esposizione Mobili Cantu’. Founded in 1949, the consortium aimed to bring together the best of Canturina furniture production. This unique and refined design boasts smooth lines and angles, with a beautiful “grissinato” motif on the front of its five doors. The tapered “Secretaire” compartment on the top surface is a remarkable feature, accentuated by a brass strip on the front. The design of the supporting legs is an absolute masterpiece, giving the impression that this 290cm credenza is suspended in mid-air. The interior, crafted from maple, is meticulously finished, with a backlit bar compartment that illuminates upon opening. The original condition of this piece is impressive, and it remains in very good condition. It’s a beautiful example of 1960 Italian Design.

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Dimensions290 × 49 × 137 cm

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